“Yoko was inspired by Jonah the beagle to start her business Jonah’s Ark Products and to develop personalized Collar and Leash ID’s.”

Yoko with Jonah, the Beagle
Yoko with Jonah, the Beagle

While walking Jonah as a puppy, people would often stop Yoko and ask his name, age and sex. It occurred to Yoko that there was a need for dog collars imprinted with the dogs’ names on them – especially if the dog became lost. She definitely wanted one like this for Jonah.

Since Jonah is a beagle, she knew that he might instinctively follow his nose and could disappear for hours. This is typical behaviour with this breed. As well, Jonah also had a medical condition that was a bit complicated, so he couldn’t be gone for a long period of time if off leash, lost and distracted. It was important that Jonah has an easy-to-spot, easy-to-read form of ID so that anyone could contact Yoko or Saro immediately if Jonah was found.

When Yoko looked for such a product on the market, she could not find anything like it offered in Canada.  So, she began production herself in April of 2003. Since then, Jonah’s Ark has sold thousands of personalized collars to customers in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia including Japan. Cat collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs were later added to Yoko’s line of attractive, practical products.

Dog Harness
Personalized Harness for Jonah

“Because of Jonah’s medical condition, Yoko also had to educate herself about dogs’ diet and health in general so that she would be able to provide the proper care and diet for her own dog.”

After many years of research and study, especially monitoring the health of dogs in her care at the Playcare, Yoko has developed a keen sense and knowledge about canine health and diet that she practices at Jonah’s Ark and shares with her clients.

Like Saro, Yoko is also certified in Canine First Aid as part of DOGSAFE, a premier provider of canine first aid and safety training for dog professionals worldwide.

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