Lack of dog time

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By: Saro Boghozian I hear so much about this from my clients and dog owners that it is worth sharing my thoughts about this topic with you. A young dog is taken to work every day.  Although this might be sounding like a great idea as an outlet for the dog, thinking that the dog […]

How to relax?

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 By Saro Boghozian, Expert Family Dog Trainer Part 1 of 2. One of the reasons why a dog misbehaves or is unstable is because the dog is stressed due to the fact dog owners are anxious, emotional or stressed too. Most dog owners have a hard time relaxing in general, especially when their dog is […]

Christmas Dogs

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By Saro Boghozian, Expert Family Dog Trainer It is very popular among some families to get a puppy or a dog during the Christmas holidays and give each other as a gift. Just like a New Year resolution, owning a dog wears off and people lose interest. Dogs should not be given as gifts and […]