Playcare Testimonials

 Testimonials from our Playcare Clients


Banjo A couple of years ago our family got a 6-1/2 month old Aussie Shepherd. He had never been socialized with anybody or anything other than his immediate dog family…it also seemed like he may have been separated from his mom at a too early age! Our high energy pup was exactly what we wanted, but we did not bargain on the anxiety he had from all the new experiences (every experience).

Without Saro’s help and training there is no doubt in our minds that Banjo would not be where he is today. Banjo and our family have excelled because of Saro’s training classes and our training and understanding of our dog’s needs. Banjo goes to playcare as well, which has helped with dog to dog skills, and our peace of mind knowing that people we trust are not only taking care of Banjo while we are at work, but doing it in a way that is consistent with our training methods. We feel very fortunate to have been recommended to Jonah’s Ark. Haida & Bob Siegmann and Banjo

Olive From the first moment I went into Jonah’s Ark, I knew I’d come to the right place for my young and highly energetic yellow Lab pup, Olive. Saro embraced her high energy, and over the first week or two, guided her into the Jonah’s pack. She now goes to Jonah’s for Playcare two days a week, and has become a calm, well-adjusted dog. And yes, she takes playing very seriously and always comes home happy! Catherine MacDonald and Olive

 BaileyAfter raising our golden retriever Bailey from 7 weeks until just over a year we were very picky and perhaps a bit uneasy about selecting a doggy daycare.  Our unease was completely put at rest as soon as we met Saro and Yoko. It immediately became clear that they each had a genuine love of dogs, were very particular with respect to the care of each dog and the composition and well-being of the pack as a whole. Bailey is happy to go to Jonah’s Ark in the morning and happy to see us when we pick him up at the end of the day.  It gives us great peace of mind that we know our ‘fur son’ is being well taken care of while we are away at work in the company of his ‘day pack’. Pam and Brook – Bailey

Josh Josh is a high energy dog!  At Jonah’s Ark all his needs are met which include exercise, socialization, discipline, care and affection.

Thank you Saro and Yoko! Heather Myhre – Josh

George George loves Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare. She can’t wait for Monday morning so she can go back to see all her friends. Saro and Yoko are amazing with the dogs. It’s a great feeling for us to leave George in such good hands while we are at work.

Thanks also to Saro for training George to walk on leash. You guys are the best! Roger & Katarina McKenzie – George

Casey Saro’s love of dogs is obvious, and he has taken extra time to help Casey overcome some of his fears and to help me become a good alpha dog. I have always loved my dogs so much and treated them like my babies, unaware of how unhealthy that attitude could be.

Saro has taught me that I can still love Casey but in a healthy way that will ensure he grows to be a happy, well-adjusted dog. I am very grateful to you Saro, for the extra time and effort you give to Casey and to all of the dogs in your care. Thank you! Mandy Mae – Casey

Charlie I’ve been bringing my dog Charlie, to Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare for the past six to eight months, five days a week.

What I really like about this daycare is that they really care about my dog like he is their own dog, which is a quality hard to find in other places. Andy Kamali – Charlie



We asked in an anonymous survey:
“What is your opinion about Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare?”


 I am thrilled. My dog is happy, tired at the end of the day and also happy to go again. My house doesn’t get ripped apart like it used to.

 I can’t say enough positive things about Jonah’s Ark Daycare. And I tell anyone I meet in the dog world all about Jonah’s Ark.

 Jonah’s Ark is excellent. My dog has grown so much since starting about a year ago. Saro and Yoko always keep her best interests in mind…know that when I drop my dog off in the morning that she will be well taken care of all day, she loves it and comes home exhausted which makes us happy!

 We really enjoy this daycare as the people are very caring for our pets. The whole program that they have really works for all the different breeds and sizes. They are very organized on there outside breaks, ball time and especially the hikes. It really is a home away from home.

 I believe that both Saro and Yoko are very knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviors. Jonah’s Ark has been a very good experience for my puppy. I also believe that they are honest (i.e. dealing with the kennel cough situation) and very flexible with their customers. I would highly recommend Jonah’s Ark to other people.

 I have found Saro and Yoko very helpful and supportive. I know my dog is well cared for and safe in your care. My dog enjoys her visits, is happy afterwards and has become more confident. I am happy to recommend Jonah’s Ark to my friends.

 Saro and Yoko really love dogs and take good care of the pups in their care – I know when I head off to work that my dog will have a great day!

 It is the best daycare – I would not send my dog anywhere else. Saro and Yoko are wonderful!

 My dog loves going there and is always worn out after a day at Jonah’s Ark. Both of you are very welcoming and seem to really enjoy the dogs. Keep up the great work.

 The best doggie daycare that we could ever hope for.

 Very impressed. We have used others but none offered the nice controlled environment. There is no excessive barking and they make sure that your pet will be suitable to play with others. They just don’t add a pet to increase their volume. They required a complete history of our dogs.

 We are very happy with this facility. Good care for our dog and exercise and fun. Reliable and friendly service is provided for the owners too.

 Fun, knowledgeable “leaders”, good hours, nice to get the ‘renewal’ reward dog treats, good training & helpful tips along the way.

 I think Saro truly understands dogs and their individual personalities and is able to give them what they need. I am completely confident that when I leave my dog there, she is completely safe, well exercised and socialized in an appropriate manner. Saro is a very honest individual and wants the best for your dog.