Online Doggie Playcare Form

Please make sure to read the agreement and then fill out the online form.

• I hereby represent that I am the legal owner of the dog described below to be enrolled in Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare.

• I hereby waive and release Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare, its employees, owners, representatives and agents from any and all liability, which my dog may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage whatsoever arising from the dogs’ attendance and participation at Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare.

• I recognize that the health of the dog is the owner’s responsibility. I hereby represent that all required vaccinations including rabies, bordetella are up to date. I will also continue to ensure that the required vaccinations will be kept up to date for as long as the Dog attends Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare. I will provide proof of all booster vaccinations to Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare.

• I understand that Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare suggests that my dog(s) to be on some form of flea/lice control/ protection and I will take the required measures to address if necessary and if my dog is infected.

• I understand that my dog may be refused to attend Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare if they notice that my dog(s) may have kennel cough. I will prevent my dog(s) to attend Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare if I notice my dog is coughing or I suspect any symptoms of kennel cough for the duration of my dog’s illness.

• I understand my dogs must be dropped off before 10 AM and picked up after 2 PM and by 6 PM.

• I agree to pick up the dog prior to closing time. It is hereby acknowledged that should I fail to pick up the dog before closing time a $10.00 late fee will be charged every 10 minutes to be paid in cash upon my arrival at Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare.

• I understand that Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare reserves the right to refuse service to my dog at any time.

• I understand that my dog(s) may get nicks and scratches as they play with other dogs. Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare may or may not notice these immediately. If they notice any minor injury they will treat and notify me at the end of the day. If the injury is serious, I will be notified immediately at the phone number provided.

• In the event of an emergency, Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare has my permission to transport my dog to the above veterinarian, or the nearest animal clinic whenever they reasonably deem it necessary. Payment arrangements are to be made between the dog owner and veterinarian.