My opinion about use of halties, harnesses, prong collars…

By Saro Boghozian, Expert Family Dog Trainer

I strongly believe if your dog is behaving certain way and you need a way to address that behaviour, the best tool is training. For instance, dog pulling on the leash, which is very common issue, where most dog owners and dog trainers suggest and end up using tools like shock colors, harnesses, halite’s etc.

The reality is using any tool on the dog does not teach or undo the concept of the matter or the behaviour you are trying to achieve with the dog which in this case is – not to pull on the leash.

Using any tool other than simple leash and collar with use of training techniques not only will cause physical limit in dog because, it restricts it movements, it also causes pain which it results in stress and stress causes more of the same issues.

The reason most tools work is because they cause pain and they hurt. Simple as that. Do you feel comfortable causing pain in your dog?

I’ve had clients who’ve been told by several trainers that their dog should wear a halite and still they cannot walk the dog politely. I have seen that dog owners not only don’t use the tool properly, they don’t see the results that need to see. I have showed many of my clients how to walk the dog without any of those tools. All they need to do is to continue training the dog until it learns the new behaviour.

Training is the best tool and you are the best teacher. Once your dog learns how it is supposed to walk you won’t even think of using any of the tools either.

If you need to learn how to walk your dog properly on leash call or contact me to set up a private training session.

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[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Saro received his expert dog trainer certification from The College of Canine Behavioural Science and is also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and does volunteer behaviour consultation with a number of dog rescue organizations. Saro’s play, praise and reward training classes are always in high demand as are his private one-on-one training sessions. Rather than using treats or gimmicks like shock collars, Saro’s training methods help owners understand how to use a dog’s natural intelligence to achieve success.[/author_info] [/author]