Jonah the Beagle



April 2001 – Jan. 2017

Jonah was a beagle that has proven to both Saro and Yoko that any breed of dog can become a balanced dog if time, effort and passion are invested!

Jonah was the pride and joy of Saro and Yoko. Saro used to utilize Jonah anytime he needed feedback from a dog when running his classes or when meeting new dogs for the playcare. Jonah used to tell Saro the new dog’s mental condition which was very handy.

Jonah also was a well-behaved and trained beagle and we could have him off leash anywhere, which is not commonly practiced with beagles and this breed. He might have followed his nose sometimes, but he would always come back.

Now, Saro and Yoko operate and run Jonah’s Ark along with their beagles, Harvey and Annie.  Jonah passed on his management and work ethics to Harvey. Jonah will be missed by many.



Jonah with Goggles
Jonah with his goggles on for eye protection.
Jonah at about 6 months old. This was the day that we felt he had become an adult.
Jonah at the age of 15.