Join Our Playcare

To join our playcare, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Call us at 604-990-1642 to schedule an appointment for a short interview (5 to 10 min.) on weekdays, at 6:00 PM. Please bring your dog so we can interview your dog and also you get to tour our facility.

Step 2: Next, we try out your dog for 3 days using our new client pass ($88.00) to make sure that your dog is a perfect fit for our environment. Once the 3 days trial is over and everything is in everyone’s satisfactory, your dog will become a regular member of our playcare and you have the option of selecting one of our playcare attendance passes or pay as you go. 

Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare policies:

All the policies at Jonah’s Ark have been set solely for your dogs in mind.

checkDogs and puppies are accepted based on interview and evaluation (first day) results.
checkYour dog(s) must be 3 months or older.
checkVaccination test results (copy) or proof of titter test (copy) for dogs over 4 months is required.
checkAll adult dogs (both male and female 6 months and older) may need to be neutered/spayed in order to be accepted.
check Your dog(s) must be social and non-aggressive.


Please download our playcare application form, fill it out and bring it with you on your dog’s first day of playcare. Click here to download the form.

Or, Click here to fill out our playcare form online. Upon receiving your submitted form, we will print it out and have it ready for you to sign it on your dog’s first day.