How to join our playcare

Please follow these steps.

Step 1

Let us start with setting up an appointment for a short interview session (10 to 15 minutes). During this session, we will evaluate your dog and we can ask you questions, you can ask us your questions. At the end of this session, we will find out if we can move to the next level which will be to try your dog for a few days. We offer the interviews at 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM Monday to Friday. Simply set up this interview session online.

Step 2

Once everything is approved and set, we ask you to please fill out our playcare form online and submit it before the first day of your dog’s playcare. Once we receive the form, we will print it out and we will ask you to sign the form on the first day that you drop off your dog. Simply, come in with your dog, the form will be on a table visible to you, sign it and leave your dog with us in front and then you can leave.

Step 3

Next, we try out your dog for a few days to make sure that he/she is a perfect fit for our environment. Once everything is to everyone’s satisfaction, your dog will become a regular member of our playcare and you will have the option of selecting one of our playcare attendance passes or pay as you go.

We need to interview your dog before you submit this form. Please call us at 604-990-1642 to set up an interview session.