Humanizing a dog

Dog training in North Vancouver

By Saro Boghozian, Expert Family Dog Trainer

One of the problems that I have with dog owners and their dogs is that they tend to humanize their dogs and their actions.

There is a difference between humanizing a dog and a dog that has picked up a human characteristic. In one the human forces the human behaviour to the dog and in the other the dog chooses to engage with the behaviour.

I understand it is cute and funny sometimes but the reality is humanizing a dog is disrespectful. It is much like if dogs handled humans like dogs. It wouldn’t be fair or ideal.

In this example, it is not that the dog can actually count but it can smell that there are more treats left. When a human thinks that the dog can count but in reality it can’t, it is taking away the focus from the other brilliant ability of the dog, which can smell 500 times more than a human (and many other brilliant abilities) to something which has nothing to do with a dog’s ability.

Instead, I believe we should celebrate all the amazing factors that our dogs are able to do and provide for us rather than making them what they are not, which is human.

Don’t humanize your dog instead allow your dog to be an animal which he is amazing at it.