Dog Training Q&A with Saro

Expert Dog Trainer Saro Boghozian

Q & A with Saro Boghozian, Certified Expert Dog Trainer.

What are your thoughts about dog training?

The reality is that in our human society and urban living, all dogs need to be trained in order to be able to live a healthy and balanced life with humans. Training is a way of communication with dogs and it should be done in a healthy, non-threatening and fun way. This way you can have a healthier and happier dog in the future.

All dogs need to be trained in order to grow up healthy and balanced. Training a dog starts from basic obedience level to whatever level you’d like to take your dog’s intelligence level.

There are many methods of dog training in the market and it is up to you to select the one that makes sense the most to you. Trainers and the training systems can be the results for a good dog and dog owner. They are so important that they can be one of the biggest parts of your dog’s life and it should not be taken for granted.

I highly suggest taking a private or group obedience class to learn and educate yourself so you can then educate your dog for rest of its life. Don’t take a course just to say you took a course.

Whether you are thinking of starting a form of training with your dog or have already started, you need to understand that the hard work is just starting. If you have a dog, you have to start training your dog. Obedience training is a good start. This will help you to build a relationship that will advance you towards having a balanced dog. Training is a tool that opens up a communication system between you and your dog.

First, I suggest starting finding out what kind of training method is more ideal for you. There are many training methods out there, from treat and clicker training to dominant training. My training system (watch a video) (read about it ) is focused on dogs and humans intelligence where I teach dog owners to teach their dogs’ commands and communication without treats, foods, clickers, shock collars, physical force or domination and using play and praise system.

Second, attend the course and learn all that you can. The trainers can only give you the ideas and the tools but you are the one who needs to carry and pass on the information to your dog.  It has to make sense to you and you need to be able to follow-through. Otherwise you will waste time and effort on top of stressing you and your dog.

Third, continue on practicing and training with your dog using all the information you have gathered throughout the course. You may need to practice and repeat the commands and the exercises with your dog(s) on daily basis for few months. That is the reality of it. You need to be consistent and invest time and effort for few months until you see results.

Having a good, balanced, trained dog does not happen automatically and without any hard work. Training and continues training gets you to the goal sooner and in a healthier way.

When should people start training their dogs?

Formal training of dogs should begin as early as three months old. Some people think about starting to train their dog when they see that their dog is starting to misbehave or the behaviour changes from what it used to be. That may be late, but any time is better than never. I suggest starting training your dog if you get them as puppy as soon as they turn 3 months old or as soon as you adopt a dog.

What happens when people take an inadequate dog-training course?

  • They end up not gaining much knowledge.
  • They’ve wasted their time.
  • Stressed themselves and their dog out during and after the course.
  • Their dog behaves almost the same or even worse
  • They have wasted their money.


Hire a professional

How should people go about finding the right dog trainer? How do people find you as a dog trainer?

People need to educate themselves and first assess what they need. A proper dog trainer is passionate, knowledgeable, patient, calm and realistic. People usually find me by word-of-mouth. Many dog owners who have worked with me have seen my style and noticed good results in a few sessions so they come back for more — and more. They then tell other dog owners about me and Jonah’s Ark.

What do you mean when you say a dog trainer must be realistic?

A trainer that guarantees your dog will be the best dog after taking their course or a session is not realistic. It is not what the trainer can make your dog do; it is what you can do with your dog after you, yourself,  learn from the trainer. If you want your dog to be properly trained, you must put in the time and the effort to engage a strong and loving bond with your dog, and no one can guarantee that other than you.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info] Saro received his expert dog trainer certification from The College of Canine Behavioural Science and is also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and does volunteer behaviour consultation with a number of dog rescue organizations. Saro’s play, praise and reward training classes are always in high demand as are his private one-on-one training sessions. Rather than using treats or gimmicks like shock collars, Saro’s training methods help owners understand how to use a dog’s natural intelligence to achieve success. [/author_info] [/author]