Having the best dog might be your New Years’ resolution!

No matter when or why we all want to have the best dog. Your goal may be to provide the best for your dog. We all want to have a dog that listens, doesn’t misbehave, makes life easier for us, doesn’t embarrass us, doesn’t drive us crazy… but just by wishing doesn’t happen.

One of the realities of life is that we must act to see results. That means, investing time and physically getting involved with the tasks that we must do. This applies to any aspects of our lives.

For instance, if you have a dirty car you need to put aside a couple of hours on the weekend and clean the car. The car is not going to clean it by itself.

The same form of mentality applies to when it comes to your dog. Your dog is not going to get better by itself or learn how to live with humans by itself. As a matter of fact, their behaviours get worse if you just let them be and let them act on their own as they get older.

I personally, just went through a trauma which made me rethink about everything that I need to do with dogs. Passing away of my older dog, Jonah has opened a new perspective in my life with dogs and working with them.

I am regretting that I didn’t do more with my own dog. As a dog trainer, you will think that I had so much time and so many ways and opportunities to have the best dog. Believe me, Jonah was the best dog I could ever ask for. Also, I have no regrets in many ways because I offered Jonah the best life a dog could ever have. He got the best environment to grow up, spent all his life with dogs, went on hikes every day, had the best diet, the best training available, the healthiest dog treats and in a way, he was a kid in a candy store yet I regret that I didn’t provide enough.

One of the things that I wished I had done more was training Jonah and yes, not giving him more of this and that but spending more time training him. Training dogs is a lifetime task and it never stops. I understand it and I say and share that with all my clients but when it came to my own dog and my own life, I guess, I got off the track. I don’t want you to regret and feel the same way I do now.

Training dogs is not what you may think it is. It is not a session of disciplining your dog like a soldier or forcing a dictatorship to your dog. It is the opposite of all that. It is a time that you spend to bond, has fun, builds a stronger relationship. it’s a time that you fall in love with your dog. It’s a time that your dog falls in love with you even more. This is the time that your dog thrives and craves. Your dog needs and loves to have more of training time than you buying him the most expensive collar in the world which has no value for your dog but to you.

My training system and the format is very different than what you have experienced before and it is not what you think it is. If you haven’t worked with me, then it is a good time and opportunity to get working together. If you have worked with me before, you may be somewhat familiar with my system but you may have also had the wrong impression because you saw me as the others. But I am unlike others. In fact, there is no one like me. I am not just a dog trainer, I am also a coach for dog owners.

You may think, that your dog is perfect and there is nothing wrong but I know and I guarantee you that there are. There are always things that you can improve. You either are just not aware of them or you are just hiding them under the rug. In any ways, it is not fair to your dog and you to ignore them and do nothing about them.
You may also think that you’ve done it before, you have had a dog before and you are experienced but you can always learn new things and new ideas. Throughout the past 10 years, there have been many new studies and a new understanding of dogs have been surfaced that it is time for you to renew your thought process. You have no idea how many times my clients have told me that they wished they knew some of the things that I teach before. You maybe making mistakes without knowing. You can also be preventing making major mistakes before it is too late.

You can always do more and provide the best for your dog. Training your dog is one of them and I guarantee you that it is fun to train your dog. Every moment that you spend training your dog is a time that will pay off in the near future in many ways. Let’s take advantage of the short time dogs live with us and help them live better. You will never regret spending those moments and will make your dog’s life better and longer with a healthier relationship.
To be honest with you, I regret and I wished that I was spending more time training Jonah than working on my business. It is the times and the moments that I will never get back.

If you want to do more for your dog or you want to provide the best for your dog, contact me and let’s get started. This is the year that you will change the way you live with your dog.