About Saro

I am a certified and experienced dog trainer for over 16 years. I have owned beagles and own a beagle and a beagle mix at the moment. 

I have developed a massive following among beagle owners around the world as I have been able to not only train my beagles but train them without the use of treats or foods. 

This is a major shift in not only beagle training but also in the dog training world. 

It all started with my first beagle Jonah, hence the name Jonah’s Ark. He was bred for hunting but I needed him to be a pet beagle.

I attended the usual dog training classes in hopes of learning how to “tame the beast” but got no results as it proved that beagle training was completely different.

These were my challenges; a beagle that has been bred to hunt, a beagle puppy that needed to be raised, a beagle that was not food motivated, and a beagle whose nose was on the ground the entire time. 

My homework by the dog trainers was to find the food that Jonah would pay attention to. 

I had to come up with a solution. So, I researched and found out that Jonah was more responsive to play and praise instead of food.

So, dog training using play and praise as a reward system was born. I implemented this system and started getting great results.

Training my second beagle, Harvey was a piece of cake using the same play and praise method. 

And now, I am implementing the same idea and method with Annie the beagle mix and I have been getting amazing results.

Annie is very play-motivated and cares less about treats or food. She is full of joy and happiness. Harvey is retired now and is just taking it easy. We lost Jonah the beagle a few years ago at the age of 16.

Now, I am sharing all my knowledge and experience with all beagle owners around the world.

One thing is for sure. If you use treats to train your beagle, you would never achieve training your beagle.

Please feel free to engage and share the challenges and struggles that you have with your beagle by joining my private Facebook group page

I create content with beagles in mind but my method can be implemented with any dog breed. 

So, welcome and arrroooo!