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Training Testimonials


 Tacoma and I had lost our connection, and with that the reliability and trust we once had in each other and the world around us. Fear, frustration and eventually aggression, and low tolerance resulted. Saro and team worked with Tacoma and with me to re-socialize re-establish the connection, get us working together again to become more confident, and balanced together. Tacoma is more active and happier than she’s been in a really really long time. She plays with other dogs again, and we go out knowing we can handle the world around us and have fun doing it too. Karin with Tacoma

 After countless hours on the Internet, multiple judgments from strangers, and odd suggestions from various trainers, I thought that success with my frightened Mini Aussie was not possible. I still have a long way to go but Saro has guided us through many obstacles! With practice and determination, helpful hints and sessions, Cao is walking beautifully on a loose leash behind me and beginning to trust me more and more around strangers! Thank you! Success! Caele with Cao

 Saro, offers a well-balanced approach to dog training. He offers up a fun experience for both dog and owner. Rebecca Black

 I have recommended him (Saro) to many people that I meet just in passing in public. Saro has the facilities and techniques to make you and your dog a successful team. Gabi Kwan

 We highly recommend the basic obedience class run by Saro. Saro’s obvious love for, and experience with, dogs makes him an expert resource. We learned so much, and never were we made to feel stupid when we didn’t get immediate results. Saro remained consistently calm, encouraging, and demonstrated a great sense of humour. We continue to work with our dog, as Saro taught us, and our dog is now quite consistently exhibiting the desired, obedient behaviours. A neighbour, who has seen me out with Charlie since we adopted him 4 mths ago recently commented on his nice walking (as opposed to the previously witnessed walks with the lead so taut one could have shot an arrow off it), and his sitting and staying until released at kerbs. I recommended Jonah’s Ark!! Ann Bulger with Charlie

 We were very happy with our obedience training class for our puppy Tula.  Saro taught us a new theory of dog training without using treats, and he also gave us practical tips and hands-on help to develop better communication with Tula.  She is a happier, more balanced dog, and we are more confident and responsible in leading her.  We will return for the next level as soon as we have mastered all the learnings and commands from this session.  Thank you Saro! Lynne with Tula

 An excellent dog training course that explains human and dog psychology. Saro’s techniques explain dog training in easy steps. Hella Simonsen with Bella

 The week by week training of new commands – and practice at home worked to turn an unruly lab into a calmer and more obedient pet! Alison Sawers with Abby

 I just cannot say enough about Saro, he is a miracle worker. Within one lesson I could see that my dog Skip could listen and learn. Thank you for making it easier for me to enjoy my dog!! Skip with Ann

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