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We help dog owners to build the best and the healthiest relationship with their dogs. We provide an exclusive doggie playcare with many unique benefits where dogs can come and have a great time while learning good manners in an environment that is calm, relaxing and structured. We focus on dogs’ play, care, exercise and socialization with a small number of dogs in our large indoor, fully matted facility.

We also provide a unique style of dog training that is not common in dog training industry these days. We use a simple method of “play and praise” reward dog training system and we focus on educating dog owners. We are excited to share this simple training system which guarantees results with all dog lovers around the world.

At Jonah’s Ark Doggie Playcare your dog will have lots of fun in a safe and secure enviroment wile being supervised by professionals.

“Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds are welcome.”

  • Do you feel bad leaving your dog home alone?
  • Do you want your dog to have a good time during the day?
  • Are you worried about leaving your dog with others?
  • Not enough time to exercise your dog?
  • Is your dog full of energy?

We can help you. You will have a tired, content, stimulated and relaxed dog at the end of a busy work day. Your dog needs it and you deserve it. Let us help you. Join our playcare.

  • Dogs of all ages (3 months and older), breeds and sizes are welcome
  • Loads of room for running and playing
  • Large 2000 sq. ft., open ( kennel free) indoor facility
  • Fully rubberized floor
  • Lounge area with leather couches to nap or rest
  • Healthy and fun daily routine
  • Full time supervision by professional adult experts
  • Small group of fun, happy, regular attendee dogs
  • 2 daily potty break walks in the park across from the playcare
  • Managed and operated by Saro, the owner and expert dog trainer
  • And much more

Urban dogs need a safe environment and regular play time to learn and keep their social skills which also helps to avoid most behavioural issues that dogs and dog owners anticipate.

Jonah’s Ark doggie playcare is designed to help dogs benefit not only by exercise and stay active but also to learn good manners and dog communication skills through play while supervised by knowledgeable adult staff.

If you are looking for a unique and expert care establishment for your dog with many years of experience which prides itself for being honest, professional and yet down to earth, then join us today. Your dog will want you to.

Did you know?

  • Dogs between three months and two years of age need to socialize with other dogs on daily basis to avoid development of bad behaviours, including anti-social behaviours.
  • Playing with other dogs is an important part of a dog’s learning process. If enough healthy play is not provided, dogs direct their energy to negative activities and behaviours.

Playcare Rates:

Playcare Price List
Daily visit pass
$32 Plus tax
4 day pass
$120 Plus Tax
Valid for one month.
$30 per day
8 day pass
$224 Plus Tax
Valid for one month.
$28 per day
12 day pass
$324 Plus Tax
Valid for one month.
$27 per day
16 day pass
$416 Plus Tax
Valid for one month.
$26 per day
Unlimited monthly pass
$500 Plus Tax
1st to end of the month.
Monday to Friday.
$25 a day.
3 day new client pass
$88 Plus Tax
For new clients only.
Valid for one month.
Partial day (minimum 2 hours)
Additional hour: $5 per hour


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