What I really like about this daycare is that they really care about my dog like he is their own dog, which is a quality hard to find in other places. Andy with Charlie
The best dog training ever! My dog’s life will be so much better because of Saro. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Coleen with Layla
I just cannot say enough about Saro, he is a miracle worker. Within one lesson I could see that my dog Skip could listen and learn. Thank you for making it easier for me to enjoy my dog!! Skip with Ann
Saro is a great trainer with a unique method that teaches dogs’ everyday commands with no treats and only with a good communication system. After completing the course my dog has been following my commands without a treat. Ash with Kobe
After raising our golden retriever Bailey from 7 weeks until just over a year we were very picky and perhaps a bit uneasy about selecting a doggy daycare. Our unease was completely put at rest as soon as we met Saro and Yoko. It immediately became clear that they each had a genuine love of dogs, were very particular with respect to the care of each dog and the composition and well-being of the pack. Pam with Bailey

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